Repurpose and reimagine Old Mount Carmel Church as a center with spaces, programs, and other activities that help address and promote community justice and racial and social equity.


Located at 429 NW 4th Street, Historic Mount Carmel Baptist Church is part of the Pleasant Street National Register and Gainesville Local Historic Districts. The 1944 building, however, is significant and worthy of individual landmark status based on its association with local Civil Right efforts in the 1960s through early 1970s. During this time, Dr. Thomas A. Wright was the Reverend for Mount Carmel and President of the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and was working with University of Florida faculty and students, among others, to help lead efforts to desegregate the Alachua County school system from the building. As described by Reverend Wright’s son Philoron (Phil):


Mount Carmel was the hub for all of the activities of the civil rights movement in the Gainesville area after my father moved here and became president of the NAACP. Meetings were held weekly and often, sometimes two and three times a week…Many high profile people came in and spoke, some from around the state, and it just was a period in time where black people were strategizing and trying to figure out how to get their liberties and how to move forward in a non-violent way.[1]


After years of non-use and minimal maintenance, the historic building is in an overall state of disrepair. The roof and building envelope are comprised and there is termite infestation and damage.


Beginning November 2019, Prayers by Faith Family Ministries, led by Pastor Gerard Duncan, and UFHP partnered to document and rehabilitate Old Mount Carmel and put in place an organization to preserve the building long-term.


[1]   Tinker, Cleveland, “Old Mount Carmel Church designated a Historic Site, Gainesville Sun, September 18, 2013.


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