advisory committee

Prayers by Faith Outreach Ministries (“Prayers by Faith”) and University of Florida Historic Preservation (“UFHP”) is convening an Advisory Committee to assist with meeting project goals. Advisory Committee responsibilities include, among others:


  1. ORGANIZATION: Create a non-profit organization to operate and manage the building (including rentals and other income generating activities) and to develop and host programs that help meet mission developed by Advisory Committee.

  2. OWNERSHIP: Address ownership and rental agreement with Prayers by Faith. The congregation currently has a “Rent-to-Own Agreement” with Pleasanthill Missionary Baptist Church (see attached Agreement).  

  3. DOCUMENTATION AND STABILIZATION: Oversee the documentation of the building and its contents and stabilization of the roof, structure, and building envelope while the rehabilitation and adaptive use plan is being developed and implemented.

  4. PROJECT PLANNING: The Advisory Committee will work with the architecture and other consultants and engage the community and stakeholders in defining a building program and uses and prepared a phased rehabilitation and adaptive use plan.

  5. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: Advisors will help with communicating the vision, mission, and goals of the project with residents and stakeholders including the project website and social media.

  6. FUND RAISING: The Advisory Committee will help direct fund raising activities including grant applications and contributions from individuals and private organizations. 


It is anticipated that the Advisory Committee will initially meet monthly either in-person or via Zoom.


Recent UF graduate Suz Brunson will serve as Project Coordinator.