proposed project

The project is currently organized into three broad, overlapping phases. The following:


Documentation and Stabilization

(December 2019-April 2021)

Task 1.01         Archival and historical research

Task 1.03         Building documentation using terrestrial laser scanning (completed)

Task 1.04         Historic American Building Survey Drawings (in process)

Task 1.05         Preliminary existing conditions assessment (completed)

Task 1.06         National Register of Historic Places nomination (to be reviewed by the Florida

                        Division of Historical Resources on February 4, 2021)

Task 1.07         Temporary roof tarp donated and installed by Perry Roofing (completed)

Task 1.08         Tenting building and treating termites (funds in place; planning underway)

Task 1.09         Temporary repairs to windows and exterior envelope (TBD)

Task 1.10         Inventory and pack existing artifacts in building (TBD)


Project Planning (January 2021-March 2022)

Task 2.01         UF School of Architecture design studio (spring 2021)

Task 2.02         Community workshop and design charrette to identify needs and uses (TBD)

Task 2.03         Historic Structure Report prepared by UFHP (TBD) – planning document

Task 2.04         Rehabilitation and adaptive use designs – architectural and engineering services (TBD)

Task 2.05         Exhibition materials for interpreting local Civil Rights history and building (TBD)

Task 2.06         Creation of an organization to oversee the building and its programming (spring 2021)

Task 2.07         Strategic and operational plan for new organization and repurposed building (TBD)


Project Implementation (Dates TBD)

The construction work to rehabilitate and repurpose the building will be organized into multiple phases and implemented as funding is secured.